The Decision Making Process

How do I make decisions? Decisions, good or bad they all have repercussions. All this while I always took into consideration everyone around me in order to take my decisions and i fucked up big time. What i realized today is that its not about what decisions you take, its about under what circumstances you take them.

I always thought i was pathetic at making decisions and hence allowed everyone around to make decisions for me, be it choosing a career option or even a dish on the menu. Not realizing that by doing so i was giving away my life’s control to the other person.

Off lately i was made to feel that I had made an awful life changing mistake of asking Mr XYZ to be my partner. It was not a wrong decision, I knew it then and i know it now. But its been used as a trigger to get the animalistic me out of my head. Why do i react? why do i give in to the thought that it might have been a wrong decision? Why do i get so aggressive? Why does it affect me so much?

Circumstantial decisions always have circumstantial outcomes. Today I used google to check the steps involved in a decision making process.
Google gives me the steps as follows :
Step 1: Identify the decision
Step 2: Gather relevant information
Step 3: Identify the alternatives
Step 4: Weigh the evidence
Step 5: Choose among alternatives
Step 6: Take action
Step 7: Review your decision & its consequences

I would want to ask google, how do i make the decision in step number 5?

Hence the question stays unanswered: How do I make correct decisions?

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