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Complete or Incomplete?

For long she thought to herself

What is it that she aint doing to make her feel complete?

She’s chosen a career of her choice

She is with the guy of her dreams

She seems happy on the outside

Then what is it that she’s still searching for?

Some kind of recognition?

Some kind of acknowledgement?

Each day that she wakes up she is all about thinking what can she do to make him feel happy about having her in his life.

To her utter disappointment she hasn’t felt the feeling of being wanted by someone since the past 770 days.

What would she do next ?

Would she stay back making efforts which are not being looked at?

Or would she move ahead and seek for something that will give her the peace she is seeking?

In her complete state she still feels so incomplete!

I Feel Nothing Now!

Its beautiful how events teach me
The feeling of not feeling anything

I drop my shield and my armor too
For i knew i was fighting with the divine energy

Some part of me wanted him to feel happy about having me
I know now i ain’t any materialist

He said "switch off your energy field"
And here i am sitting for long without even a single mosquitoe biting me

Love is merely a feeling
I no longer feel now
For I ain't any human
I may be just like you somehow

Thought of what my value system is
Oh i could think of none

Still in the quest of do I even have any?
The answer is yet again unknown to me

How do I make decisions? Decisions, good or bad they all have repercussions. All this while I always took into consideration everyone around me in order to take my decisions and i fucked up big time. What i realized today is that its not about what decisions you take, its about under what circumstances you take them.

I always thought i was pathetic at making decisions and hence allowed everyone around to make decisions for me, be it choosing a career option or even a dish on the menu. …

Ms M

A dreamer who dreams the reality and lives the dream!

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